Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stress Relief

With the help of my family and friends, I decided I needed to do something outside of the house in order to keep my sanity. There are a lot of things to do in this city, but I decided that I wanted to go on a hike or something because hikes tend to relieve stress, which there was, and sadly still is, a lot of in this house. Of course, there was no way I was going on this hike alone, so my good friend Alison agreed to go with me. We decided on going to Forest Park as it is one of the best places to hike, and is a relatively public place. We arrived at the park eventually, and we were on our way.

Forest Park is a really cool place. I've never spent a lot of time here, but whenever I go there it's just as cool as it was before. I've mostly only been on a couple trails in the park, but according to a google search, they have 80+ miles of trails in there. I wanted to go back onto one of the two trails I had ever been on, but Alison said it would be good for me to be more adventurous. We went on to a random trail we found and just walked around for a while. I felt unusually paranoid, like there were people everywhere that I couldn't see, just watching us. Of course, being in a relatively thick forest didn't really help with that. While walking along the trail I realized that, in hindsight, a forest probably wasn't the best place to go when you were already super spooked. However, in the spirit of relieving stress and being adventurous, I decided to keep on keepin' on. Keep on truckin. That sort of thing. I'm sure there's a more sophisticated phrase for it. Stand my ground? That sounds right. I decided to stand my ground and traverse through the already traversed through trails of Forest Park. The deeper we got into the forest, the more often I thought I saw someone in my peripheral vision or thought I heard someone walking behind me. The deeper we got, the worse it got, is what I'm trying to say. By the time we were about 2 miles in, I just got this overwhelming sense of dread and was unable to move out of fear. Even now, I couldn't tell you why. Alison stopped after a second to urge me forward but I told her we needed to leave. She looked slightly disappointed, but agreed, and began walking back the way we came. I was still having difficulties getting the courage to move a muscle, but she helped me out by just sort of leading me while holding my hand. Then, I saw it. A flash of red hair as I turned around. As clear as day. And I started running. I ran for a whole mile until I got tired and needed to take a rest. Alison caught up with me very soon after and cursed me out for scaring her. I was just sitting there thinking  you bitch didn't you see him? However, I have realized now that he wasn't there. There was no way he could be out in the thick forest, off the trail. I mean, he could be there, but how would he know I would be there? I specifically didn't post an update about it on here so he would have no way of knowing. So I have decided now that it was just my brain creating images in order to fulfill some sick desire it has to scare the ever-living shit out of me.

Ok shit. Someone just knocked on the door. I'm home alone.

I think I have to go check the door. God damn it.

Ok so I creeped up to that door like a fucking panther ok? I wasn't gonna take any damn chances. I had picked up a can of mace on my way out because I didn't know what was going to happen. I threw open the door and immediately started spraying the mace, but it sprayed nothing as there was no one there. I looked down in front of the door to find an assortment of strange things. There were a couple flowers, which after I searched on google for a while I discovered are a Pink Carnation and a Protea. There was also this really odd plant like thing that looked like red fingers or something. It looks much too exotic to be anything that could be found in this state. I looked it up and it is apparently called "Love Lies Bleeding" which is creepy as shit. I don't understand why nature decides to make such weird things. Besides that, there was just a small pile of wing leaf things. You know, the one that like spin around this air when they fall and stuff? I used to love playing with them when I was a kid, much like everyone else in the world, but I haven't really cared to look for them as of late. I, once again, have no idea what this shit means but I'm just glad nobody was at the door to greet me. Talk to you guys later.


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